A Stronger Cecil County

Cecil County is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. But we needed a real leader to help our county reach its full potential.   
Dr. Alan McCarthy answered that call. He made the tough choices to secure a better future for the next generation of Cecil County residents. Today, our economy is strong, we have balanced our budget, are making record investments in our schools, repairing our neglected roads and bridges, made our neighborhoods are safer, and we are improving the quality of life for every resident.
Alan is building a stronger Cecil County now and for the future.

Record of Achievement

Bringing Fiscal Responsibility to County Government
For the first time in its history, Cecil County has a structurally balanced budget because of Alan McCarthy’s fiscally responsible budgeting. We have created a rainy day fund to protect taxpayers from future tax increases. And we ended the practice of reckless borrowing  and spending that put our County perpetually in debt
Creating a Stronger Economy
Due to the McCarthy Administration’s pro-jobs policies, there are more people than ever going to work in Cecil County. In fact, over the last four years, we have created 3,000 new jobs, and are the third fastest growing county in the state, outpacing both Harford and Baltimore County in per capita job creation.
Strengthening Education
Our children deserve the best education system in the state. That is why Allan has  funded education at its highest level in history, with more than $86 million helping educate our children this year alone His administration has also begun the largest school construction effort in recent memory, recently breaking ground on the first new school in Cecil County in thirty years. 
Alan also helped ensure our library system was fully funded, and secured funding for the first new library in Cecil County in twenty years.  
Enhancing Public Safety
Every citizen of Cecil County should feel safe in their homes and in their schools. Public safety is a major priority for the McCarthy Administration. Through Alan’s commitment to keeping us safe, Cecil County government has increased the Sheriff’s Department’s budget by $2.4 million, funded a full time staff in States Attorney’s Office for the first time, and funded the construction of two new fire stations.
Reducing Traffic Congestion
Citizens of Cecil County should NOT have to spend their life in traffic. That is why Alan increased the funding for road improvements by 30 percent, including a new interchange at I-95 and Belvidere Road and the $10.4 million Mechanics Valley Rd Bridge Replacement.
Creating a Better Quality of Life
Cecil County residents deserve the same quality of life that the residents of other Maryland counties have. Which is why Alan made a serious commitment to improving our County’s recreational experience. During the first three years of his Administration, he secured funding for Calvert Regional Park as well as turf fields at three Cecil County high schools.