Message from the County Executive 6/11/2020

Dear Cecil County Citizens, 

Like you, as I watched video of the misapplication of force by a Minneapolis police offer on George Floyd, my heart sank. With so many onlookers nearby, some of which were other officers, in the year 2020, how can something like this happen? Like you I asked the question many times, “aren’t we better than this?”

Subsequently, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets to protest this now determined criminal act resulting in a murder of a private citizen by a police officer.

At first, growing out of the protests, came much violence including destruction of property and looting of merchandise.  Fortunately, the destructive actions have seemingly subsided and now the mass protests and rallies have been peacefully held across the nation including several rallies last weekend in Cecil County. I have been impressed, and emotionally moved, by the collective responses of our citizens at local gatherings.

Scenes of community members of all racial and ethnic groups kneeling with police officers and other government officials in joint condemnation of any inappropriate use of force provides some sense of hope even while the Floyd family, and the rest of us, mourn his passing.

I am proud to say that this type of behavior is not representative of how the men and women of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Scott Adams, operates. Our local municipal police departments have also demonstrated that police brutality is not acceptable in any format.

I encourage you to join me and not let the memory of George Floyd and others who have died at the hands of inappropriate use of force by law enforcement representative outliers fade from our memories.

The time to stand up and demand that these actions cease and those who fail to apply common sense and sound training be held accountable.

We are better than this. Cecil County is better than this. Words are cheap. Our actions will set the record.

Take care of each other, stay safe and be well.

Alan McCarthy Signature 2

Dr. Alan J. McCarthy
Cecil County Executive